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Zero-carbon Seismic acquistion

Minizing environment impact by using the eVibe and enabling a zero-emission service

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Highly skilled personell ready to take on any challenge.

Highest HSE/ESG standards

Our technologies allow us to work according the the highest HSE/ESG standards.

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on-site servicing to guarantee a smooth and efficient operation.

full range of geophysical services

eVibe Seismic acquistion

The eVibe is an electrically powered seismic source for “zero-carbon” seismic acquisition. This enables us to provide a sustainable service to exploration companies that better and cheaper maps critical raw materials and (green) energy sources.

  • Offering zero emission acquistion for all our eVibes
  • High quality data 
  • Low internal harmonic distortion
  • Small and effective teams
  • Highest ESG/HSE standards
  • Repeatable signals
  • Environmentally friendly 

Deep GPR

We can image up to a maximum of 100m depth in ideal conditions, providing the groundwater is not highly saline (conductive). We have 512 channels for each shot. Data is sampled on a continuous basis. Shots are taken every 1-4 seconds, depending on depth.

The antennas can be dragged behind a vehicle, quad bike or manually deployed, depending on the required sampling rate and resolution. The system is capacitively coupled – no electric contact with the ground. Unlike conventional GPR, our transmitting antenna (Tx) has a very short, high-energy pulse. Furthermore, our Tx and Rx are very broadband. We can mix and match antennas and settings to get the best signals for a given target geometry and depth.

  • Inhouse developed software .
  • 15.000 Hz averaged
  • 1 sec sample (nominal 0.3-0.5m shot spacing)
  • Infield processing
  • 5m, 10m, 50m, 100m depth settings 
  • Tx power (10 & 20kW)


With over 30,000 km of DroneMag survey
completed, Our experienced DroneMag teams deliver very high-resolution magnetic data, of comparable resolution to groundmag but up to ten times faster acquisition, and at less than half the cost.

Our DroneMag crew can deliver up to 130 km per day.

  • High-resolution magnetometer
  • Cost
    -effective mobilization and
  • Safe and agile
  • Fast acquisition
  • DroneMag can be used in a variety of applications

Data Processing

For seismic, DGPR , Dronemag and other services we offer enhanced data processing. We have a suite of services, filters and techniques to enhance your data further. 



For exmaple, our DGPR processing suite includes:

  • Standard suite

    • Processed data (ASCII)
    • Bitmap images of profiles
    • Logistics report
  • Intermediate suite

    • Standard suite +
    • Additional filtering of data
    • Interpretation report

Advanced interpretation suite 

  • Intermediate suite +
  • Data integration (Client provides relevant datasets for increased interpretation confidence and report detail)
  • 3D modelling and visualisation
  • Interpretation & Report

Project Management

We offer premier quality digital mapping products, optimize 3D design models, obtain regulatory approvals, ensure ongoing regulatory compliance, project management and secure preferred contractors. 

  • Survey design
  • GIS and mapping
  • System implementation and optimization
  • Land and permitting
  • Regulatory complaince management

Other Services

we offer a variety of additional geophysical services. Please get in touch for more information

  • Gravity surveys
  • Lidar
  • Drone Lidar
  • Spectrometry
  • CH4 Detection / Gas Asset Assessment and Easement Control

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