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Ultramag Geophysics is part of Faraday Geophysics. Faraday Geophysics is a global exploration company providing a range of geophysical services around the globe. With 3 exploration companies in Australia, Canada and EU, we provide services for the mining, geothermal, O&G and geotechnical industry.


Faraday geophysics is a merger between family-owned companies Ultramag Geophysics and Seismic Mechatronics. Ultramag started in 1988 and has successfully introduced innovative geophysical methods around the world over the years. Seismic Mechatronics started in 2015 and is the developer of the eVibe technology, the Electric Seismic Source. Both companies have joint forces to create better and more sustainable methods to acquire subsurface data.


Therefore, our mission is to acquire geophysics sustainably by using innovative methods and instruments, while creating value for our customers and other stakeholders.



As explorers of the earth, we put great effort and care into our company policies to ensure the safest, most efficient and sustainable service provided to our clients. Therefore, our quality and environmental management system is in line with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001. 

The good old days...

Phil and Cath McClelland started Ultramag Geophysics in 1988. Together they have created a company that is one of the leading companies in geophysical exploration and geo-tech engineering in Australia. Now, Faraday Geophysics build forward on what Cath and Phil created by setting a benchmark globally for acquiring geophysics sustainably. 

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