News — 8 May

DroneMag at the Sofitel

Ultramag is currently attending the RIU Sydney Resources Round-up. If your company requires magnetic surveys with world-class equipment and a professional end-to-end service look no further. Our high sensitivity mag operates without interference from the drone's drive motors delivering high-quality data at a rapid rate (see above).

Our system boasts the following advantages:

DroneMag™ is much higher resolution than traditional aero or heli-mag

DroneMag™ is safer than heli-mag

DroneMag™ is safer and 10 x faster than ground-mag

DroneMag™ is comparable resolution to ground Mag

DroneMag™ is 1/3 the cost of ground Mag

Disturbance to landholders is kept to a minimum

Livestock are unaffected

There is no need to cut tracks or enter private property to survey.

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