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High Resolution / Ground Survey



eVibe Seismic!

Cost effective, Safe, amazing results!

Our electromagnetic sources are able to undertake frequency sweeps of any design, with full force possible from 2Hz using the 10kN Storm, or 8Hz using our small remote control Lightning.
As frequency sweeps can be custom designed, sufficient 4Hz-8Hz energy can often be transmitted into the ground using the Lightning by simply designing a sweep that dwells at the lower frequency range - the Lightning is capped at 1000Hz top frequency.

In the comparison below, it can be seen that although the 1.7kN system applies 1/100th of the force to a conventional Univib hydraulic system, but high efficiencies of this system mean as good or better quality data to a similar depth.

A full range of sources available for various depths of penetration, 1.7kn (to 1000m), 3.6kn (to 2000m) and 10kn (to 3000m or more) 

  • High resolution from near surface to depth
  • Affordable for junior and mid tier explorers
  • High resolution from near surface to depth
  • Safe remote control unit
  • Small acquisition teams of generally 3-5
  • Silent, small footprint/ environmental and farmer friendly (minimal or no clearing for lines needed)

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Synchro eVIBE

This thing is incredible!

Comparison - Conventional VS our smallest eVibe, the Lightning