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High Resolution / Ground Survey

Micro Gravity


For 15 years, Ultramag have used industry leading gravity meters offering high resolution microgravity.

Applications for Ultramag microgravity include:

  • Mapping the structure of sedimentary basins including faults and depth
  • Water drawdown (4D) in oil reservoirs
  • Locating a range of placer and hard-rock mineral deposits
  • Finding kimberlite (diamond) pipes
  • Copper gold porphyries
  • General geological mapping including buried granites.

We have also utilised microgravity for a number of geotechnical application including:

  • Map depth of alluvial cover, including beneath swamps
  • Locating voids in Karst topography
  • Tunnels, shafts, stopes and adits.

Ultramag Gravity is non-destructive and non-invasive.

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