The Ultramag Team

Philip McClelland
Founder/Chief Geophysicist

Philip has over 35 years experience at the forefront of the geophysics industry. He holds a BSc. in Exploration Geophysics and Geology from the University of Sydney and is a part-time lecturer at Macquarie University. Philip founded Ultramag in 1988, now one of the leading geophysics companies in Australia.

Daniel McClelland
Operations Manager

Daniel has over 15  years’ experience in the geophysics industry, geo-tech engineering and services industries, he holds formal training in surveying. Daniel has held supervisory roles at many of Australia’s major mining sites for companies including BHP, Rio Tinto, FMG, Xstrada, Peabody and Anglo Coal

Daniel also manages new opportunities worldwide, business strategy, new projects / project equity.

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Mark de Kock

Mark de Kock has over 20 years’ experience in driving superior commercial outcomes through strategy and technology in companies such as Vocus Communications, Optus, Vodafone, Trident Subsea Cable and HP (Tandem/Compaq).

Mark started his career designing and developing money market and stock exchange trading systems such as the Helsinki Money Market System, full automation of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, and the design of the 3rd generation of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. From there Mark focussed on eCommerce systems, managing the development of the platform as GM eCommerce IT for Qantas in 2000/1, which delivered $230m of 3 year NPV. After several subsequent roles in IT with BT Financial group, Optus and Vodafone, Mark joined Vocus Communications in its infancy as Head of Strategy. Mark was responsible for setting the strategy, the IPO of Vocus and the required acquisitions to execute against the stated strategy.  During Mark’s tenure on the Board of Vocus Communications, the company grew from a $25m market capitalisation company to an ASX500 company. 5 years from listing, Vocus is now an ASX200 company.

Mark holds a B.Sc. (First class honours) in Electronic Engineering from University College London and an execMBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and is a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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Michael McClelland
Operations Manager, Airborne, Head of Research and Development

Michael has over 15 years’ experience in the mining industry specializing in Geophysics, and Geophysical Instrumentation. He has filled a wide range of roles including supervisory positions in Australia and overseas, at many major hard rock and coal mine sites. He has also been responsible for the rollout of new survey techniques and technology within the exploration industry. Michael has a wide skillset, covering Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Prototype design, Project Management, IT and Business Development, Fabrication, Non-Destructive Testing, and Data Processing.

Michael has certification in Project Management, Electronics, Maths and Physics.

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Matt Bosch
Head Geophysicist

With five years industry experience Matt is responsible for client data handoff and follow-up. Matt is a Geoscientist with strong technical, exploration, modelling and presentational skills. He makes effective use of available resources to produce innovative solutions for our clients. Matt holds a BSc (Hons.) in Geology & Geophysics.

Max Frew
Business development Manager / Geologist – Western Australia

With 30 + years’ experience, Max has worked as a senior geologist in minerals exploration, mining production, mining technology, in senior recruitment and at Board level. He understands C-Suite and senior executive role demands and the commercial and technical nature of the mining business. Max is an expert with people and role negotiation skill. Max holds a BSc (Hons) in Geology.

Brendan Balmain
Business development manager / Geologist- Queensland

Brendan is a geoscience professional with over 15 years’ experience in coal exploration and the CSG industry in both the Bowen and Surat Basins in Queensland.  He has been directly involved in the exploration and development of several coal mines in the Bowen Basin as Senior Geologist and has worked extensively as an independent geological contractor to major coal companies to explore and appraise coal projects in Queensland.  More recently he has completed almost 8 years in the coal seam gas industry as a Project Geologist, Development Geologist and Petrophysicist in both the Bowen and Surat Basins.  He understands the need and value proposition for advanced geophysical exploration techniques that can be used to manage risk and to successfully appraise projects.

Kaia Roth
Field supervisor

Kaia has been the Field Crew Supervisor of Ultramag for three years. Often working in the most remote regions, he demonstrates a professional attitude towards safety and is a valuable leader. With a range of skills, Kaia is an efficient Manager of our field team and can be relied upon when it comes to hard work.

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Our Partners

Reflex Drilling
Drill partner

Reflex Drilling is a long standing industry leader with an impeccable safety and production history as well as 
innovative custom solutions.

Phoenix Drones
Drone partner

Phoenix Drones area a highly versatile team, highly experienced across multiple industry sectors including, Mining, Telecommunications, Building and construction, Asset management and IT.