Reducing Drilling Costs by Over 50%

DGPR is a new surveying technology that achieves over 10 times the resolution to a massive depth of 200m in less than 1/10th of the time, reducing required explorative drilling costs by over 50%.

It can be used for detecting a diverse range of underground geological anomalies with unprecedented accuracy – particularly effective in identifying gold and copper mineral deposits.

Applicable to all mine sites, DGPR is non-destructive, low cost, and surface deployed.

  • 200m penetration
  • Rapid acquisition
  • High resolution
  • 3D Cross Section
  • 20 + Commercial Trials from mining majors.

Ultramag is the first mover for commercial applications of DGPR technology in Australia.

  • The DGPR can accurately survey mineral substrates down to a depth of 200 meters at a greater resulting resolution than any other geophysical method.
  • High production rates of up to 15km/day, compared to 2km/day for seismic (closest comparable), at a 1/10th of the operational cost (labour).
  • The quality of the resultant data can save the operator up to 95% of exploration drilling costs in greenfields areas, for example:
    • A gold explorer saved 12 months elapsed time and about $3 million in drilling to identify a promising deposit, which may not have otherwise been identified – DGPR survey took four hours.
    • A well-known coal miner’s recent geological hazards survey took three days as opposed to 12 months with their previous technology.
  • Other applications are emerging for large civil construction projects, quarries, and water exploration.

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