• High Resolution
  • Rapid Acquisition – Large Fleet
  • Non Destructive
  • Rapid Imaging and Data Turn Around
  • Minerals and Coal Exploration
  • Target Drilling
  • Safe Battery Operated

Ultramag’s extensive magnetic capability

Magnetics is our speciality . Since 1988, we have found hundreds of applications for magnetic surveys.

They include :

  • Mineral exploration
  • Locating geological hazards in coal mines
  • Buried Petrol tanks
  • Buried concrete
  • Buried Drums
  • Archaeology
  • Dykes – Engineering
  • Locating Roadways
  • Locating Old Mine Sites
  • Police Forensic
  • Shipwrecks
  • UXO
  • Minesweepers
  • Submarines
  • Rubbish Tips
  • Railway Tunnels
  • Marine Salvage

We manufacture and service our own magnetometers including :

  • Backpack mounted Overhausers and Fluxgates
  • Marine Magnetometers
  • HeliMag systems
  • Quad bike sled
  • Borehole magnetometers
  • Diver held Magnetometers
  • iPhone magnetometers – real time telemetry

We offer data acquisition, processing and most importantly interpretation.
With Australia’s largest magnetometer fleet, we offer quick turn-around service and work with the best commercially available tools in addition to crafting our own.

Ultramag has a robust research and development program that enables us to meet our client’s specific survey needs.