Ultramag’s gravity capabilities

Ultramag offers Gravity Services using the CG5, CG3 and LaCoste gravity meters with resolution up to 0.005mGal for the CG5. We use walking, quad bike, 4WD and helicopter means to survey an area and provide color images of the gravity field.

Gravity data processing is undertaken in the field daily and backed-up by email. Intrepid and Carlson software is used with our in-house software to fastrack data processsing. We can provide output in any data format and projection.

We use the JAVAD Triumph 1 RTK GPS systems and Carlson logging software.

Ultramag produces Bouguer anomalies using custom Excel spreadsheet automation with automated output to Potent and Intrepid.

Bouguer anomalies can be terrain corrected in Intrepid using local grid and NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topograpic Mission (SRTM) elevations.

Gravity applications include:

  • Mineral Exploration – massive sulphides, porphyry’s structure
  • Diamond Exploration – Kimberlitic pipes
  • Coal Exploration – basin structure, grabens, large faults
  • Dyke bulk density (Coal Hazard)
  • Petroleum – frontier basin mapping, diapirs
  • Locating void in Karst Topography
  • Engineering, tunneling, footings
  • Geodesy
  • Recreation – Speleology